IndiaFTTH chooses Netcaster WiFi routers to roll-out 100000 subscribers installations in Maharashtra

Netcaster, the Indian leader in enabling fiber network operators to efficiently connect their broadband customers, announces its partnership with IndiaFTTH, a prominent network integrators alliance in India. The collaboration signifies a substantial step forward in providing sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to meet the evolving demands of the Indian digital landscape. The partnership is aiming to connect 100000 subscribers in Maharashtra, ensuring that end-users gain access upto 1 Gigabit internet.

IndiaFTTH is a leading network integrators alliance in India, dedicated to providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions to businesses and households. With a focus on technological advancement and sustainability, IndiaFTTH continues to play a crucial role in shaping India’s digital future.

IndiaFTTH, recognized for its commitment to advancing the digital landscape in India, conducted an extensive search for a partner that aligns with its vision of cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability. After thorough evaluations, Netcaster emerged as the clear choice due to its innovative and OPEX-optimized product portfolio of optical wifi routers and genuine commitment to sustainability.

“At IndiaFTTH, technical innovation and sustainability are at the heart of our mission. We are thrilled to partner with Netcaster, a team that shares our commitment to reliability and blazing speed. By choosing Netcaster as our supplier for optical wifi routers, we are not just advancing our technological capabilities but also contributing to a more sustainable digital future. Together we will accelerate the digitalization of India.” – says M Narayanan, Technology Development Manager at IndiaFTTH.

Milind Pagar - CTO at Aksentt (parent organisation of Netcaster), says: “In the partnership with IndiaFTTH, we will together drive the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) development of the Indian market even further and connect all businesses and households to the essential fiber infrastructure. We will deliver state-of-the-art optical wifi routers that not only meet the highest technological standards but also ensure a cost-effective solution for IndiaFTTH’s operational needs. This leap in connectivity will contribute significantly to India’s digital infrastructure, fostering economic growth and empowering communities.”

About IndiaFTTH
IndiaFTTH is an Indian coalition working to drive down the cost of fiber based internet access in rural India through sharing its resources. IndiaFTTH encompasses 15 companies that are building and delivering connectivity services in rural and small-towns across the country. According to IndiaFTTH, the future of our rural regions is intrinsically linked to the future of our nation as a whole.